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Rules of Runeterra


Be respectful to other members of the server at all times

Disrespecting other server members will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: harassment, rank shaming, naming and shaming (showing someone's in-game name and then proceeding to shame them for something), and treating others as inferiors.


All content should be "Safe for Work"

All content should be Safe for Work (Commonly referred to as "SFW"). If you are unsure if something you want to post is appropriate, you may reach out to a moderator to confirm in private. As a general rule of thumb, keep things no more revealing than Evelynn.


Do not spam or cause unnecessary disruptions

This includes posting content in the wrong channel and excessively posting images of large sizes in active channels. If you are unsure what goes in a specific channel, check the channel description or ask a moderator. 


Keep the environment appropriate for all

Attacks on a person or group on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other classification will not be tolerated. There are no excuses to being hateful.


Do not solicit in the server or in direct messages

Solicitation is asking for or trying to obtain something from someone. Soliciting in direct messages is only punishable if it is nonmutual (meaning the member receiving the solicitation did not wish to be solicited to).


Do not attempt to enforce rules

While we appreciate you trying to help keep the community safe, we do not wish to create different levels between members. If you believe something needs moderator attention, you can reach out to us through our Message the Mods channel.


Follow Discord and Riot's Terms of Service

Do not advocate for or conduct any behavior that breaks either Riotís Terms of Service or Discordís Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to, buying or selling League accounts or modifying the Discord client.


Avoid discussions of anything illegal

Discussing anything commonly illegal in Runeterra is not allowed. For a basis, if it is generally illegal in most places of the world, it should not be talked about here.


All rules apply to voice channels, text channels, and server events

All of the rules apply to voice channels, text channels, and server events. Additionally, excessively loud audio and/or hoarding the music bot(s) are not allowed. We generally allow about 30 minutes of Music bot usage per individual, but we are relatively lenient.


Do not attempt to evade bans or mutes through alternate accounts

You will be held accountable for any punishments received on any of your alternate accounts. Creating a new account does not excuse you from your previous rule violations, if you had any. Evading bans or mutes through alternate accounts will be met with a permanent and non-appealable ban.

Moderators have the final say. They are equipped with discretion to ensure hasty and malleable actions best fit for the server. If you disagree with how a moderator handled a situation, you may reach out to a Head Moderator in private after.

If you wish to discuss a moderation matter privately with the team, you may utilize the Message the Mods channel. Do not publicly call out members who are violating rules; keep it private. If you need a moderator in the chat immediately for an emergency, ping @Emergency.