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About Us

The Runeterra Discord is a community-led and community-focused Discord with the sole purpose of creating a safe environment for anyone who wishes to hang out or indulge in the League Universe. Founded in 2015, we have always strived to improve and evolve, and we are proud to claim that we are a true home for tens of thousands of Runeterrians alike.

Why Runeterra?

  1. INCLUSIVE - We continually maintain a community that anyone can join and feel welcomed to. Our server environment is something we take pride in.

  2. ACTIVE - With thousands of active Runeterrians online every day, Runeterra is the place to go to hang out around-the-clock.

  3. MODERATED - Having a dedicated team of moderators volunteering their time, we ensure that the server is kept in pristine shape and safe for all people of any origin.

  4. EVENTS - With a dedicated team of event staff, we are proud to be the host of multiple events for League of Legends every week.

  5. PARTNERED - As a Discord Partner, Runeterra receives special perks that allow us to stand out from the rest.

Interested in joining?